A LEIGH skatepark was left as a “rubbish tip” after a scorching bank holiday weekend.

Clive Webster, from Southend, cleared six sacks of 140 plastic bottles which were left dumped in and around the skatepark, near Leigh train station.

The 65-year-old Thames River Warden, who volunteers to keep the area clean, said: “Sadly, it is a familiar sight of those of us that help out.

“There are concerns that it puts the welfare of animals and birdlife in jeopardy.

“It is a health risk, encourages antisocial behaviour and puts off visitors. I visited the site four more times over Easter removing another 116 plastic bottles.

“Someone had even set up a shelter.

“The skatepark was a rubbish tip. I was horrified but not shocked at the state of the park. Someone has thrown thousands of fitness leaflets across the park, the bins are overflowing and scraps of food attracts vermin.

“I’ve sent a brief report to a councillor at Leigh Town Council who has passed my report onto the town clerk.The thousands of leaflets strewn across the skateboard park are from a fitness organisation called Pure Gym and the councillor has asked the borough to follow it up.

“Over the last three years over 3,000 volunteers have removed over a quarter of a million items of mainly plastic and 39,000 single use bottles from the shoreline and yet still the litter keeps coming.

“It’s time now for those in authority to do something about it.”

A Southend Council spokesperson said: “We are currently in discussion with a local business in relation to fly-tipped leaflets to ensure they are aware of their legal responsibilities for waste. We’ll continue to work in partnership with Leigh Town Council to identify and investigate fly-tipping culprits.”