Review - Calendar Girls at the Cliffs Pavilion YOU would struggle to have missed the uplifting true story this warm and funny musical is based on.

It was turned into a hugely successful film and so far shows no sign of losing any of its charm or attraction in terms of entertainment purposes.

Tim Firth, who wrote the film and then adapted this to a play, has teamed up with Gary Barlow for this musical version which stars a host of familiar faces including Lisa Maxwell and Lesley Joseph.

From a slow but intriguing start this really warms up into an extremely funny and moving version of the tale of how Rylstone and District WI shook things up in the annual calendar department, got their kits off and raised, and continue to raise, millions for charity.

They actually only wanted to raise enough for a comfy sofa in memory of John, Annie's husband and Chris' best friend.

Rebecca Storm takes the central, showier role, of Chris who doesn't really take the WI seriously but is a fiercely loyal friend, mother and wife.

But each of the women gets a chance to shine, ably supported by a cast of men and a trio of brilliantly cast and performed teenagers, mortally embarrassed by their parents.

I haven't seen the play version, but this struck me as slightly unusual in its approach to the songs and music as they are, very cleverly, more conversational and confessional in their approach which totally draws you in and packs a hugely powerful punch.

That is not to say there is not a heap load of humour in there too - all expertly delivered with a real sense every one of the cast absolutely loves being in this production.

What an absolute treat this show is - it deserves to become a classic.

* Calendar Girls is on at the Cliffs Pavilion until Saturday