A child gang member told police he regretted life choices but it was too late for him.

The boy aged 12 was stopped in South Ockendon this morning.

PC Rowan Perrior, a neighbourhood constable for South Ockendon, said the boy gave the officers "the finger".

He posted on Twitter: "We’ve just stopped a self proclaimed gang member - aged 12 - after giving us the finger as we drove past.

"He explained to us his motto in life was “get killed or be killed”. He was taken back to school and told to stop being a silly little boy.

"He also said “I do regret some of my life choices, but it’s too late to change now”

"I repeat, he’s 12."

The Gazette understands this boy was allegedly involved with the C17 gang.

Members are known to have strong links to the notorious London gang 410, from Brixton, and also to gangs in Havering.