FOUR officers are facing misconduct allegations of failing in their duty of care to a vulnerable suspect.

The man was arrested in 2016 after he was found with 33 wraps of cocaine, according to a misconduct hearing.

A panel heard once in a cell, at Basildon police station, he repeatedly struck his head against a wall.

Essex Police alleges four officers have breached the standards of professional behaviour in relation to the incident and they are all facing a misconduct hearing.

PCs Christopher Hinds, Andrew Myers, Daniel Sorrell and Eamon Al-Rawi deny the allegations they failed in their duty.

PC Myers also denies mocking the suspect, only named as Mr B at the misconduct panel hearing being held in Chelmsford.

Stephen Morley, for Essex Police, said Mr B had a criminal record and a history of mental health issues.

The hearing was shown CCTV footage in which Mr B repeatedly smashed his head against the wall.

Mr Morley told the tribunal that rather than trying to stop the suspect from harming himself, officers stood outside the cell talking to one another or using a mobile phone.

It is also alleged that PC Myers “mocked and laughed at him and imitated his behaviour”, Mr Morley said.

Mr Morley added after about 20 minutes in the holding cell, Mr B is shown to be kneeing the wall while outside, PC Al-Rawi was “telling a story that is making everybody laugh”.

According to BBC Essex, Mr Morley said: “If they are laughing at a story while somebody is self harming then they are failing in their duties.”

After about half an hour, PC Myers is shown taking Mr B a drink before sitting down and talking to him with the cell door open.

The officers claim they did not go into the cell when Mr B was agitated because they perceived there was a risk of harm to themselves and further injury to Mr B.

The suspect later received hospital for treatment to cuts and bruising.

The case continues.

The hearing is being chaired by Siobhan Goodrich and is expected to last until Friday, May 3.