SHOCKING footage shows a motorist driving the wrong way down an A13 slip road in Basildon.

Safe and Sound Essex auto-electrician, Adam Smith, from Basildon, was able to catch the driving blunder on his work van's dash cam as the driver headed straight for him and his colleague, who was his passenger.


The 36-year-old, said: "I was driving back from work in Guildford with my colleague, Marc Charlesworth, approaching the slip road off the A13, and as we pulled off Marc shouted 'woah woah' as he saw her [the driver] before I did.

"I slammed on the brakes and managed to get her to eventually turn around.

"I hope that we have potentially saved a life as if she'd have made it onto the A13 I believe it would've of caused a catastrophe.

"It nearly gave me a heart attack. To say I’m shaken would be an understatement."


Mr Smith now firmly believes there should be a camera put up where the incident took place - the Five Bells junction - as he says similar incidents have happened at the same location.

He added: "I heard someone has died from a similar accident there not so long ago.

"There should be a camera put up or something to try and prevent this."