A PENSIONER claims he is a prisoner in his own home after his infected elbow replacement was removed, but not yet replaced more than 16 months on.

Edward Bussey, 69, from Benfleet, has slammed Southend Hospital for leaving him in such a state.

He is also in desperate need of a new knee replacement following an MRI scan, but is on a year-long waiting list for one.

In the meantime, Mr Bussey said he is in agony and cannot walk and can no longer look after his severely disabled wife, Patricia.

The 79-year-old is in a wheelchair as a result of an operation following an aortic aneurysm, which left her with no feeling in her legs.

The distressed pensioner told the Echo: “I can’t walk, my knee is the size of a rugby ball and I have what looks like a huge melon instead of an elbow.

“Me and my wife are prisoners in our home. Neither of us can walk and without the use of my elbow I can’t push her around.

“I look like a polio victim with the brace I have to wear on my leg to go to the toilet.

“No one is telling us what is happening. We haven’t seen the daylight for more than a year. It’s ridiculous.

“We are prisoners in our home.

“I am knocking my head against a brick wall with frustration - I even consider topping myself sometimes.”

Mr Bussey was left needing an elbow and knee replacement due to how much they had worn following a lifetime of working as a landscape gardener.

Unfortunately, Mr Bussey had to undergo three operations on his right knee and elbow over the years due to infection.

He says the horrendous ordeal has been spanning over three years.

Clare Burns, director of operations for planned and scheduled care at Southend Hospital, said: “Mr Bussey has been under our care for a number of years for his elbow and knee, and our complaints team last responded to his concerns in February 2018.

She urged Mr Bussey to contact complaints@southend.nhs.uk or by calling 01702 435555 on extension 6449, 6451 or 5144.