Commuters battled major queues at Southend East station this morning after c2c’s new ticket system allegedly failed.

According to passengers at the station, the new 'flexi' tickets are unavailable whilst the firm continues to upgrade the system.

Many frustrated passengers expressed their anger on Twitter.

One said: “I’ve never seen a queue like the one currently at Southend East.”

Another tweeted: “Why are there no ticket staff at Southend East?”

Another post claimed that there wasn’t an online booking facility last night: “What have you done at Southend East C2C? No online booking facility last night and now two trains missed (so far) due to ticket queue!”

The delays resulted in many passengers being late for work, causing increased anger in the lengthy queues.

A statement posted byt c2c said: "We are upgrading our Flexi-Season system, so for a short time buying or topping up Flexi-Season tickets has been suspended.

"To continue to travel, please buy a daily return ticket which you can collect at the station.

"Send us the details using the form below and we will reimburse you double-the-difference in price. Thanks for bearing with us and we aim to resolve this issue soon."

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