A 12-YEAR-old boy was threatened with a broken bottle which was put up against his neck during an attack in a playground.

A gang of armed youths carrying bolt cutters and glass bottles made threats to the children outside Waterside Farm Leisure Centre, Somnes Avenue, Canvey, threatening to “shank” them.

The incident took play around 1pm on Sunday, May 5.

The Mother of one of the victim’s told the Echo: “My son has been a lot quieter than usual and it has definitely shaken him up.

“He’s not mentioned about going back out.

“My son and his friends were just sitting on the benches when these boys rode past then threw their bikes on floor, looked at them and said ‘Gonna shank you if you touch our ******* bikes’.

“He had never seen them before..

“A few minutes later, they heard someone breaking glass, then one of the boys had smashed a beer bottle, and tried to put it up against his neck,

“Then they threatening to smack one other boys who my son was with, and smash his legs with the tools.

“My son is quite a big lad and is not even 13 yet, and he said to me they all looked younger than him.

“It’s just disgusting behaviour and there’s no need for it.

“I don’t want him to go back over there. He doesn’t even go there usually.

“But you should be able to go there and be safe.

“There’s no control over there, no security.”

The victim had texted his stepfather saying he was being threatened to be stabbed and then texted him again shortly after saying ‘it doesn’t matter now’.

After rushing to the boy’s aid Juliette believes her son may have become embarrassed after seeing his stepfather arrive to help.

She added: “I phoned my son and asked why had sent a text like that and soon after he came flying through the front door and just went straight up to his room.

“I’ve told him to tell his friends that they need to tell their parents about what’s happened.” Anyone with information call Essex Police on 101 quoting incident 588 of May 5.