A FARE dodger’s attempt to sneak into a train station was foiled when he walked straight into a police officer.

The passenger risked their life trying to enter Pitsea train station via the level crossing.

It is the latest reckless attempt to avoid fares after several teens were spotted running across train lines and climbing on platforms.

A British Transport Police officer, speaking after the incident at Pitsea station, said: “He was lucky he didn’t get seriously injured.

“He was unlucky in that he walked straight into officers on foot patrol.

“He’s just been found guilty at court and has to pay £335 in costs.”

The incident comes after several teenagers were spotted jumping across platforms to avoid fares at Basildon train station on April 21.

The group were pictured illegally crossing the tracks by walking along the platform, crossing the tacks and the embankment and onto the other platform.

A spokesman for British Transport Police: “Officers are currently investigating a trespass incident at Basildon station at 7.37pm on 21 April.” Officers are currently working to identify the four youths who trespassed.”

The initial tweet stated: “Kids risking injury or death to avoid tickets at Basildon. Walking on track then down embankment and over fence. Unfortunately a regular occurrence at this station.”

Anyone who witnesses similar incidents contact British Transport Police by texting 61016 or contact Network Rail on 03457 11 41 41.