The Essex accent has been branded the sexiest in the UK. 

Boosted by the popularity of stars like Olly Murs and shows like The Only Way is Essex, the accent has increased in popularity rapidly in recent years. 

The claim was made by travel company Big 7, folowing a poll, as Essex emerged victorious above popular accents like Northern Irish and Glaswegian. 

Top Ten

1. Essex
2. Northern Irish
3. Glaswegian
4. Queen's English
5. Mancunian
6. Scouse
7. Geordie
8. South Welsh Valleys
9. Yorkshire
10. Cockney

Writing about the Essex accent, the survey says: "Popularised by the stars of The Only Way Is Essex, vowels get shortened – it’s similar to East Anglian English, including both the Suffolk and Norfolk dialects, but with its own super Essex vibe.

"Super sexy? The people have spoken."