HUNDREDS of people have signed a new petition calling for a third road off Canvey Island.

More than 350 signatures appeared within hours of it being set up.

A broken down bus in High Street, Benfleet, which caused miles of tailbacks and led to hours of delays, reignited the calls.

Campaigner Emma Wallace, who started the petition, wrote: “I’m constantly battling through traffic.

“Houses and flats keep being built on Canvey meaning more people and cars, yet nothing is being done about ways on and off the island.

“Canvey is over populated and this is becoming more and more of an issue as there are too many cars and not enough roads.

“I am sick of it, we need to change this and the more people who sign this the more likely we can get somewhere.”

The petition has been backed by residents and motorists who have shared their support.

Janet Smith said: “I work at Basildon Hospital and during rush hour it can take up to two hours to get there, and an hour-and-a-half back.

“It is ridiculous for a fifteen minute drive.

“The pollution of us all sitting in traffic is ruining the planet and our health, which is the reason I’m working in a hospital to help people’s health.”

The incident involving the First bus took place on Wednesday at around 7.50am.

It not only disrupted workers but pupils.

One mother reported her daughter was late for her GCSE exam.

Others expressed anger that any problem on the routes on and off the island makes travelling almost impossible.

Canvey motorist Marie Fenttiman said: “A third road is definitely needed after a broken down bus stopped us getting off the island either way for over an hour.

“It really scares you to think if there was a real emergency we would not stand a chance.”

Christine Conley added: “The new complex of shops near Morrison’s has caused absolute havoc getting on and off the island.

“People coming from Canvey and via Benfleet station to the island is making it impossible at weekends.

“Pretty soon, parking anywhere will be impossible with too many people, too many cars, too many houses, and not enough roads.”