A LEADING Southend businessman has praised Nigel Farage as the “man of the century” who would make an “absolutely brilliant” Prime Minister.

Philip Miller, MBE and owner of Adventure Island on Southend seafront, is an avid Brexiteer and has spoken out strongly in support of Brexit on a number of occasions.

And while some may be sceptical of the leader of the Brexit party descended on the south of Essex to garner votes ahead of the European elections on May 23, Mr Miller welcomed him with open arms - and even championed controversial Mr Farage as a future Prime Minister.

Mr Farage will visit Thurrock, Basildon, Canvey and Southend tomorrow as his campaign trail hits the streets of south Essex.

Mr Miller, 63, said: “Nigel Farage is in at least half the country’s view the man of the century.

“I have only met him once but was taken aback by how ordinary he was in his ways and actions.

“He tells it as it is and keeps it simple, he would in fact make an absolutely brilliant Prime Minister.

“The whole country North, South, East and West will thrive outside of the control of the EU who have the last word on just about everything we do or say.

“The EU have created a lawyers paradise at the taxpayers expense, nice work when you can get it.

“Why should we as taxpayers be paying foreign countries our hard-earned money for them to give us back our own money and be grateful.”

And Mr Miller’s support of Mr Farage and the Brexit Party may stem from his lack of faith in the current national political picture.

After pitching Mr Farage as a potential Prime Minister, he slammed the current leadership as the “worst in living memory”.

He said: “The political spectrum nationally is a total mess, it just reminds me of the old joke - How do you know when an MP is Lying?

“Well, his or her lips are moving!

“We have the worst leaders in living memory with a distinct lack of integrity.

“I really believe most people can see through them.

“If there were to be a snap election who the hell can you vote for!?” Despite showing disdain for the national leadership, Mr Miller, who never shies away from a debate, is supportive of Southend Council’s new leader, Tony Cox.

Mr Miller said: “Locally, well, we have a new man in charge and he should be given the opportunity to prove himself.

“Councillors now understand the recent election turnaround was more about local issues, in particular the neglect of the high street and lack of Bobbies on the beat.

“Tony Cox has talked a good game in the past, as we all know actions speak louder than words.”

On Saturday, Mr Farage will be doing a tour of the south of Essex, with stops planned in Thurrock, Basildon, Canvey, Rayleigh and Southend.

At 10am, he will be in Daiglen Drive, South Ockendon, before heading to town square and Basildon’s indoor market at 11.30am.

The controversial Brexit Party leader will then be at Central Park, Canvey at 1pm, before heading to Rayleigh High Street then the Rayleigh Lanes indoor market from 2.30pm.

The visit then concludes with a stop at 3.30pm at Southend Central train station.