SOUTHEND Tories plan to explore the use of dog DNA technology to catch out irresponsible owners who don't pick up after their pets. 

New Tory council leader, Tony Cox, announced the proposal as part of a ten-point plan for the town. 

The scheme, which other councils have also looked at, works by taking a swab from a dog to add its DNA to a register, which can then be matched with a sample of dog dirt.

Mr Cox announced the move to explore the initiative last night as part of a plan to invest in the borough.

He also promises:

  • Funding for 34 extra Community Special Constables in the Borough (2 stationed in every ward)
  • Free two-hour parking in the streets that surround the High Street between Queens Road and Royal Terrace
  • Restore the one-hour parking charge band across the entire borough
  • Removal of unnecessary yellow lines in Lucy Road to create additional parking spaces.
  • To investigate all options to provide additional parking spaces in and around the Seaway Development
  • To open up democracy in the council by allowing backbench councilors to put forward policy proposals.
  • To review parking provision along the seafront with the aim to increase parking spaces
  • To ensure all children have access to a 'Good' or 'Outstanding' school
  • Instigate the transition of the council's fleet of vehicles to promote zero carbon emissions

Mr Cox said: "When I became Leader of the Council I made a simple promise: The administration I lead will be a listening one.

"I recognise that in the past we haven't always got everything right. This ten point plan rights some of those wrongs. 

"People have told us they want these things in place and I firmly believe we can deliver them.

"These policies are good for the town, they put more bobbies on our streets, they make parking