A SICK puppy dumped at a pet shop by its cruel owners has been rescued by a woman who already has 21 dogs.

Bella the one year old Dogue de Bordeaux was left at Pets At Home, Pipps Hill, Basildon.


Cute - Bella the one-year-old Dogue de Bordeaux was left at Pets At Home, Pipps Hill, Basildon

The poorly pup suffers with double elbow and double hip dysplasia and we have had x-rays done to determine the extent of the problem.

She needs to be referred to a specialist for a key hole surgery on both elbows and then she will need to have whatever treatment they decide after that.

The estimated cost of treatment at this time is £3,000 per elbow and none of this is covered by insurance because it is classed as a pre existing condition.

Thankfully for her animal lover, Becky Shuttleworth, 33, from Hockley came to her rescue, but she needs help to pay for the treatment.

She said: “I used to work at Pets At Home and they called me and asked if I knew anyone who wanted a dog.

“She was limping and had no muscle in her legs.

“She was weighing about 18.5kg but full grown dogs of this breed should weigh more than 50kg, so she was really skinny.

“She is the best dog I could ask for and is really loving.

“Bella loves attention and lots of cuddles.

“She wants to play as she’s still a puppy, but I have to restrict her.

“I also have to remind myself that she doesn’t know any different and is on pain relief.

“To be limping but still wanting to play is an amazing temperament.

“I have thought about why her owners gave her up a lot.

“I am thankful they took her to Pets At Home as they could have dumped her any where.”

Bella has joined 21 other rescue dogs at the Hockley home.

Ms Shuttleworth said she gets upset about what the puppy has been through because she is so lovely.

She said she wouldn’t want to put her through any more trouble.

She said: “I know people are wary about donating and think operations should be covered by insurance.

“Bella is insured but there’s a lot of stuff it wont cover.

“I am just so grateful to anyone who can donate.

“She deserves a chance, and I know it’s a lot of money but she will have to life long conditions.”

Bella is living on a farm while waiting for the operation along with her new family which includes ducks, goats and sheep.

To donate see https://www.justgiving.com and search Rebecca Shuttleworth.