BREXIT Party leader Nigel Farage visited south Essex ahead of this week’s European elections.

Mr Farage’s visits to Canvey and Southend were warmly received despite a few spouts of verbal abuse from a minority.

Mr Farage stopped at Canvey’s Monico pub after buying an ice cream from the Fantasy Kiosk.

Jennie Marshall, 47, from Furtherwick Road, on Canvey, said: “I think Nigel is great and I will be voting for him on Thursday.

“He is so easy going the way he has just walked around chatting to all of us locals - you wouldn’t see any other MPs doing that.

“We want someone who is going to deliver on their promises and I know Nigel will.

“I think he should be Prime Minister to be honest with you.”

The controversial MEP then made his way to Southend where Adventure Island boss, Philip Miller MBE gave him a tour of the town.

Mr Farage told the Echo: “There’s a very strong feeling that the people of south Essex have been let down by politics, let down by politicians, let down by the government, and they see the Brexit Party has given them a little bit of hope.

“I genuinely think that some of these Essex towns are going to vote next week, and the Brexit Party is going to win by a big margin.

“The campaign trail has been very short with it starting only five weeks ago, and it’s a heck of a lot to do in a short space of time, but I think to a large extent we have caught the mood - many many people who’ve just had enough.

“It’s been three years of nothing happening, and they want some action.”

On how many supporters have registered over the course of five weeks of the party forming, Farage said: “It’s a big sign.

“I think next Thursday, Westminster is going to get a dramatic wake up call, but the question is, will they learn their lesson?

“If they don’t learn their lesson then we’ll have to get the Brexit Party on to a general election and maybe surprise them there too.”

The decision to hold a European election came down to the delay in the UK not exiting the EU until October.