A DOG walker has described how he frantically tried to bring a dangerous dog under control which left another man covered in blood.

Martin Richardson spotted the animal, said to be an Akita Crossbreed, on the loose on King George V Playing Field in Dovervelt Road, Canvey, yesterday morning.

Residents described how armed police later descended to bring the animal under control.

Mr Richardson, 53, who lives on Canvey was first to the scene.

He had first noticed the dog in the field at around 7am.

He said: “You do not often see big dogs like that in a field on its own.

“I delayed my dog walk. At about 8.15am that dog was still over there and there was a guy somewhere close to it as well.

“I said to my partner, leave the dog here I’m gonna go and take a look, see if the bloke is alright.

“Walked over there, and the guy was frantic.

“His dog had been attacked by it, he was standing there, covered in blood.”

Martin dialled 999 and then worked with the other man to try to control the animal.

He added: “I went to throw some treats down for the dog, but it started snarling.

“We approached it very slowly, and although the dog did back off a little bit it had its teeth out, and it was growling.”

Police scrambled a helicopter and the animal was contained by officers by 10am.

The owner has been contacted for questioning.

At the time of the incident, a spokesman for Essex Police, said: “We are advising members of the public and dog walkers to avoid the King George’s playing field on Canvey following reports of a dog dangerously out of control.

“We were called at around 8.25am to reports a person and their dog had been bitten by another dog.

“The dog has been seized by police and the owner who wasn’t with the dog at the time of the attack has been interviewed.

“The attacked dog has received severe injuries and is currently receiving treatment for them.”

Witnesses or anyone with information are urged to call police on 101.