Opposition parties have branded a list of ten key policies from the Tories as “uninspiring” and not enough to win the community’s trust.

The aspirations published by the Conservative administration include calling for schools to be improved, special constables to be recruited and several reviews of parking scheme.

Labour leader, Ian Gilbert, said: “It’s all very well to say that the council will fund special constables, but special constables are unpaid volunteers.

“Specials do great work, but it will be challenging to say the least to recruit 34 suitable people willing to accept the responsibility on a voluntary basis.

"To take another example, presumably all children having access to schools that are good or outstanding has been an aim for a long time, yet the Conservatives have failed to achieve it.

"This is certainly not enough to win back the trust of local people.”

Lib Dem leader, councillor Carole Mulroney, questioned why these things were not in the budget.