THE owner of a dog which was badly attacked in a Canvey park has spoken out on the ordeal.

The small dog was attacked by a roaming Akita Cross on Sunday morning. It sustained serious injuries.

It is understood the Akita escaped from its home, before ending up at the island’s King George’s Park, where the attack took place.

Owner Debbie Holdsworth-Scott, 58, said: “Myself and my other dog are both traumatised and I am just glad that the dog has been caught.

“It was just horrible.

“You don’t think it’s going to be as traumatic until it happens.

“Because I was on my own as well.

Debbie recalled how the Akita charged towards her little Cavachon, Poppy, and Cavapoo, Charlie, as she took them both for a walk around 7.50am on Sunday.

She told the Echo: “When I got to the park I let both off for a run and within seconds I immediately saw this big dog running towards Poppy.

“I looked to see where the owner was and realised the dog was on its own.

“It made a beeline for Poppy and I just filled with dread seeing it charging at her.

“Poppy went submissive and the dog bit her side then bit her again on the back.

“She kept trying to escape but it pinned her down.

“She was howling. I thought it would turn on me, I was absolutely terrified but I managed to scare the dog off and he did actually back off so I was able to pick Poppy up and run home with us both covered in blood.

Poppy is now recovering after an operation to her back.

She has been prescribed strong pain killers after the Akita’s teeth sunk through three of Poppy’s muscle layers.

The police were called to scene and cordoned off the park and have since seized an Akita dog.

A spokesman for Essex Police, said: “An Akita Cross has been seized by police and the owner who wasn’t with the dog at the time of the attack has been interviewed.

“The attacked dog has received severe injuries and is currently receiving treatment for them.

“Enquiries are still on going.”