A WOMAN is warning others to never use unlicensed tattoo artists after a nasty infection landed her in hospital.

Nancy Anderson has been permanently scarred after a tattoo appointment at a man’s house in Southend left her in unbearable pain.


Warning - Nancy Anderson


Nasty - Nancy's wrist tattoo


Fears - Nancy Anderson has been permanently scarred

The 20-year-old, of Hill Avenue, Wickford, said: “I was disappointed because I did have an appointment at a high street studio but they cancelled last minute so I just wanted it done.

“I had had a tattoo from this guy before so trusted him and thought it would be fine.”

Nancy wanted a small butterfly tattooed on her wrist with words beneath but was forced to leave after the butterfly was complete because she was in too much pain.

“I arrived at 6pm and didn’t leave until 10pm - a tattoo that size should not have taken that long.

“Everytime I’ve had a tattoo in the past, they always covered in cling film but he just put tissue on top. When I asked him for cling film he said it wasn’t necessary.”

The next day, Nancy was panicked when she woke up and could not feel her arm.

She rang her doctors who instructed her to go straight to A&E.

She added: “I was immediately put on six different drips in my arm which they said was infected and they needed to stop it reaching my heart.

“Where my hand was so swollen, I was told it was stopping my blood circulating and I had to be kept in overnight.”

Nancy overcame the infection but has been left permanently scarred.

She is speaking out about her ordeal in a bid to warn others against using unlicensed artists.

She said: “This is definitely an example of why you should only go to official high street studios.

“I felt nervous about going to someone’s house but I thought it would be fine. Now I completely regret it and will never do it again.

“It’s not worth the risk just to save some money - I’ve been left with permanent scars and I don’t think any professional will be able to fix it.”

All tattoo artists must register with the council to work.