FED-UP residents on Southend High Street are sick and tired of having to park miles from their homes and want something sorted out.

Mariner House residents say they have been denied permits for far too long.

Scratton Road, which leads into the high street, was recently made a permit holder zone because of commuter parking and it’s enhanced the woes.

Resident Paul Tickney has started a petition said: “The road is now virtually empty and there is plenty of space. Yet we are forced to park miles away. Over the last two years, we have been forced to park further and further away.

“To use my car when required, I have to walk 20 minutes - when I have osteoarthritis - get a train to get my car in Westcliff! Out of hours I have to get a taxi.

“We have no parking at the block itself. “When we first moved here we were told falsely by leaders we could apply for residents permits.”

He added: “We all pay council tax and bring revenue to the area directly and indirectly with family friends and visitors. “It seems utter madness that residents are not being allowed permits or concessions made.

“It also means the council are missing out on revenue. We have been advised we can apply for alternative permits, but these run in to hundreds of pounds a year.“The council needs to address this long running issue.”

Milton Ward councillor, Cheryl Nevin, confirmed residents want to purchase permits for nearby car parks such as Warrior Square or the university. She added: “None of them have access or rights to parking spaces more than anybody else or residents permits. There were talks of possible cheaper parking in the nearby car parks such as Warrior Square. The problem also affects other people that live in high street.

“The Cambridge Road extension for residents parking came in last year which had knock on effect in residents living in Royal Terrace and Royal Mews

“We do have some under utilised car parks they could use and I would like to see a solution that allows them to use Warrior Square car park as this is closest to them.”