THE devastated owner of a dog seized by police for attacking another dog is pleading for her safe return.

Sedat Menekse, 29, from Canvey, says he is worried sick trying to find out where his beloved pet is - and claims police have refused to tell him where his dog is being kept and what will happen to her.

Ella, the three-year-old Akita Crossbreed, hit the headlines last week after she escaped from her home and launched an attack on a small Cavachon in King George V Playing Field in Dovervelt Road, Canvey, on Saturday, May 18.

Sedat was out of the area at a friend’s house and was forced to stay there overnight after his car broke down.

He told the Echo: “Everyone that knows Ella knows what happened is totally out of character for her and it was all exaggerated as she is not dangerous. Ella must have been provoked or got scared after she escaped as she would never do this.

“Ella has been around children and has never harmed anyone since I’ve had her from a puppy.

“She has never been away from me overnight. I rescued her from an abusive breeder when she was a puppy and we have been inseparable since.

“I have lived on this island five years and have never caused any problems - I thought I was part of this community.

“I have spoken to the lady whose dog Ella bit and we hugged and I told her how sorry I am and even offered to pay the vet bill – she’s a lovely lady.

“I can’t eat over this, it’s stressing me out so much - I’m not a bad guy that everyone is making me out to be.

“I just want my dog back, she is my best friend and I am so worried about her.

“I am not being told anything. I will make sure she never escapes again, I will get padlocks and cameras.”

The small Cavachon dog, Poppy, which belongs to Debbie Holdsworth-Scott, sustained serious injuries after being bitten on the back by Ella, but is now recovering well.

Armed police attended the scene following concerns raised by the public, and seized Ella, brandishing her “dangerous”. However, when Debbie spoke to the Echo, she confirmed Ella did not attempt to attack her and only targeted Debbie’s dog.

Julie Brown, owner of Brown’s Pet Range, on Canvey, defended Ella by writing a letter which reads: “We have known Ella for several years now due to her owner working opposite store.

From our experience, we only have great things to say about her.

“She would be regularly off-lead in our store with the staff and customers both have a zero trouble with Ella as she was so well-behaved.

“All of us here at Brown’s were in absolute shock when we heard the news.”

Essex Police were contacted for an update on the investigation, but did not come back before we went to print.