Toni J Parker: Turn it either into Southend Museum or a venue. Look at the success of Dreamland in Margate. It could really be something amazing!!

Trevor W Bell: I love Southend’s Pier Museum and am split over the idea of moving it and its dedicated volunteers from its place at the Pier entrance. But I must admit the Kursaal could have the safety and space to house this museum’s unique collection. Also it has the space to add displays celebrating the Kursaal at the height of its popularity, along with using some of our most advanced technology in taking the public on a virtual audio visual ride back in time to Southend’s very beginnings. A good balance would then be obtained in offering both education and entertainment.

Kerri Webb: Music venue, would be amazing. Perhaps hosting other events during the day.

Ronnie O’Riordan: A live music venue would be rammed at least three nights a week. Not to forget a ballroom during the day. That would rake in tourists, boost the B&B’s and small hotels, not to forget the rest of the economy.

Marcus Sanders: I like the model used in Rayleigh at Megacentre. It’s a charity-based company making money which is used to compliment other projects. That way it would be good for holiday makers but have an all-year use as a youth centre.

Micheal Boult: How, about a family amusement arcade like it was initially built for, for holidaymakers as well as the locals.

David Harrison: The most obvious is the Southend Museum. We are always about to spend millions on a museum but the Kursaal itself is a living museum. Go and have a look at Portsmouth Dockyard / Mary Rose to see how it can be done rather than just putting stuff in glass cases.

Charlotte Halley: Ice skating rink, swimming pool, music venue, cinema, all could fit into that space and god knows this town needs another swimming pool!

Linzi Walsh: Music venue. The Cliffs Pavilion are good but I feel the Kursaal could become more like the Round House in London, holding bigger acts at a more intimate venue than the arenas etc. Also would probably help boost the public transport and B&Bs etc as would get a few more visitors come to see the artists/acts then spend the night in the area.

Joe Francisco White: Community centre of sorts to help wash, clean and feed the homeless and create jobs for them so they can afford housing.

Sue Elizabeth Ann: A proper nice bowling alley with a good bar and restaurant

Steven Cannon: Multiple bars/restaurants under one roof maybe something like The Printworks, Manchester.

Lindsey Hills: A music/exhibition venue. Like Ally Pally but on a smaller scale. So it is a flexible space.