A FURIOUS mum has condemned a driver after a “hit-and-run crash” which left her 12-year-old son injured in the road.

Jack Cook, who has learning difficulties and behavioural issues, was walking home from school on Clay Hill Road, Basildon, when the incident took place.

After returning home he told his mother, Demma Cook, the driver hadn’t stopped until getting to the end of the road before driving on.

The 36-year-old mum from Basildon said: “Thank God he wasn’t seriously hurt. The fact is, the driver didn’t stop when it happened, they carried on going up the road.

"There’s children that walk along there, there’s a doctor’s surgery- if it was a toddler would they have stopped then.

“They should have stopped right there to make sure he was okay, they just left the scene of a crime and he was quite shaken up. If it was me, I would have rushed right over.

“It was so surreal for him, he was shaking when he told me so I was immediately concerned, but I think he didn’t want to worry me.

“He couldn’t remember if he had run out in the road or not but said if he had he was truly sorry, not many kids would say that.

"I’ve always drummed into him from day one that he needs to be careful when crossing the road and made it clear he should never run out in front of cars.”

Eyewitness described Jack as looking “as white as a ghost” after it happened, reporting that the driver’s wing mirror had smashed off into the road from the impact.

Demma added: "Of course, as a mother-of-two, I was petrified to hear this had happened.

"We didn’t know what injuries he had so we took him to Basildon Hospital for an x-ray.”

Thankfully, Jack, who attends Woodlands School, only suffered a sprained ankle.

A spokesman for Essex Police said: “We have received a report of a collision in Clay Hill Road, Basildon which took place at 3.20pm on Tuesday.

“It was reported a car and a child were in collision and the vehicle failed to top at the scene. Call us on 101 quoting the collision investigation reference 845213.”