AN actress who was born and bred in Basildon will star in a brand new film which will show at Cineworld in Festival Leisure.

Rebecca Stone will appear in a supporting role in the new release, Dirty God.

The 25-year-old plays the character of Shami, the best friend of the main character Jade.

Dirty God tells the story of Jade, a young mum who has been the victim of an acid attack, and follows her journey to regain control of her life.

As this is Rebecca’s first film to be shown in cinemas, she will be returning to her hometown to watch the film with all her family at Cineworld, in Festival Leisure.

The actress, who lived in Basildon until she was ten and went to St Margaret’s Primary School, in London Road, said: “Being cast and playing this role was such a surreal experience, it’s still not settled in.

“The cast are absolutely incredible. Vicky Knight, who plays Jade, is a burns survivor herself after she was badly burned as a child. She is incredible in the film and it’s been so lovely to work with so many amazing people.

“I’m so excited for everyone to hear the amazing story. I read that there are 480 attacks every year in London alone, so I think the storyline is something a lot of people will connect to.

“That’s the beauty of cinema, having that truth element makes it so much more appealing, and I hope anyone who has been affected will be inspired.

“I’m so grateful to be a part of this powerful message and I’m very honoured to be able to watch it with my family in the town I grew up.”

Rebecca was scouted by United Agents during a showcase in the third year of her acting course and before she knew it, she was taking part in theatre, film and television productions.

She added: “I started acting at a really young age. It must’ve been when I was about six that I started the Stagecoach theatre group, in Southend, and ever since then I’ve never wanted to do anything else. I was always so sure and having this career is all I’ve ever wanted.”

“I was born in this world with a flair for acting and I will leave this world with it too.”

Co-star Vicky Knight fell asleep alongside her cousins in a flat above a London pub which caught on fire when she was eight.

She was the only survivor from the fire, and spent three months in Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford, undergoing multiple skin grafts and operations as a result. When she isn’t acting, Vicky works as a healthcare assistant at Broomfield.

Knight, who cares for people in the same burns unit which she was treated in, will be acting for the first time in Dirty God.

Dirty God hit cinemas on Friday, and will be playing at Cineworld, Festival Leisure, until Thursday.