WORRIED residents are campaigning for action after a lollipop lady was clipped by a careless driver as she tried to usher children and families across the road.

Campaigners say speeding drivers are refusing to stop to let children cross outside William Read Primary School, in Long Road, Canvey.

Parents are now demanding a crossing be put in place to improve their children’s safety.

Teresa McGrath, 41, whose eight-year-old son attends the school, said: “It’s just ridiculous, this is happening everyday - morning and afternoon each time.

“The drivers are just coming down too fast to the point the lollipop lady was hit a few weeks back.

“I was taking my son to school and saw that she looked a bit shook up and when I asked her if she was okay she said she had been hit.

“Sometimes she isn’t even able to step out at all because they are just too fast.”

She added: “Even when there’s heavy traffic and things are moving along quite slow, they still go.

"It’s just awful and needs to stop before someone gets seriously hurt or worse.”

Travis Martinson, headteacher at William Read Primary, said: “There is an official crossing outside of the school that is run by a council-run school crossing patrol.

“This is unmarked and - apart from the patrol person who is dressed from head to toe in hi-vis and carrying a two metre lolly pop - is not really clear from a drivers perspective.

“She has reported that the speed of cars and unwillingness to stop is getting out of control, resulting in an incident where a car clipped her and drove off.”

However, Councillor Peter May, who is also governor at the school, confirmed yesterday that the problem will be addressed with yellow lines and ‘Keep Clear’ markings, following a meeting with Essex Highways a few months back.

He said: “Funding has been agreed for yellow lines and ‘Keep Clear’ makings. We are just waiting for road closure which is imminent.

“At the moment we just have railings and two drop kerbs either side and nothing else but the lollipop lady who stands there.

“This will make it visible and high visibility and will keep it clear during rush hour.

“I’m hoping that this will put her at ease and make her feel safe.”

Essex Highways confirmed this.

A spokesman for Essex Highways added: “The problem brought to the attention of the Castle Point Local Highway Panel, by the Crossing Patrol Officer and parents is that traffic sometimes queues here, making a safe crossing difficult.

“The panel has therefore agreed with Councillor May to provide ‘Keep Clear’ road markings at the crossing in between the existing guard rails, where the dropped kerbs and tactile paving are.

“This work will be carried out as soon as possible, certainly within the current financial year.

"Speeding measures, or a request for a different type of crossing have not been raised with the panel, and would need the support of councillor May.

“If drivers are travelling at excess, illegal speed in the area, then the immediate remedy is to request enforcement by Essex Police.”