A MUM has been left “heartbroken” after thieves targeted her son’s memorial - again.

Stacey Eden, who lives on Canvey, lost her son Jaxon in 2016 after she gave birth when she was just 18 weeks pregnant. She has a memorial garden for him at the Basildon and District Crematorium, Church Road, Bowers Gifford.

But Stacey told how thieves target the memorial “five or six times a year”, stealing sentimental items including ornaments, precious stones, personalised gifts, and in the latest incident, toys.

The 35-year-old said: “This is the only place we have to go and be with him. It’s so devastating.

“I was in absolute tears when I realised, they’ve not only robbed the dead, but a baby. Imagine how they’d feel if it was their child? We’re still grieving, and this sets us back. I don’t want to go there anymore, each time I do something else is gone.

“We report it, but they need CCTV.”

Others have called for CCTV too, after loved ones memorials were targeted by thieves, including Valerie Schiniou, 72, from Canvey.

She said: “I’ve left ornaments for my husband who passed away from lung cancer, to let him know he’s loved and not forgotten, but they’re stolen. I try to go there twice a day, but I don’t feel safe anymore. I’ve paid £8,000 for a double plot, so it should be protected. It’s heart-breaking for me, they need CCTV.”

Pitsea councillor Luke Mackenzie added: “Acts like this are lower than low, families should be able to grieve the loss of loved ones without being targeted. I would support CCTV.”

A spokesperson from the Basildon and District Crematorium, said: “This is very upsetting news and our sympathies go out to the family.

“We carry out regular patrols at the crematorium, so it’s unfortunate the thieves weren’t deterred or caught on this occasion. The crematorium covers over seven acres of land, so there would be practical difficulties in installing CCTV to cover the entire crematorium.

“We’re reviewing our security procedures and will look at every possible avenue to improve our security.”