A RAIL company will be bringing in extra staff after commuters complained of chaotic queues as a new ticket sales system comes in across south Essex.

c2c is rolling out its new ticketing system in stations across south Essex to try and improve the booking process. The website has been replaced and customer accounts are being transferred.

The mobile app is also being replaced, meaning customers cannot use it to buy tickets until the new one launches.

Commuters have reported long delays as a result of the change, citing long queues to ticket machines at railway stations.

The system was installed at Benfleet Station on Wednesday and is due to be installed at Leigh Station on Monday.

Signs have been installed in Leigh advising passengers to pre-book tickets to allow staff to get used to the new system to avoid queues.

Commuter Joan Miller, 51, said: “I can’t buy my ticket online as I can’t get on the website. It’s so frustrating, I really don’t need chaos in the morning on top of the traffic chaos that’s expected.”

Tom Delman, 37, labelled the new system as shambolic.

He said: “They’ve transferred to a new ticketing system which has been diabolical and shambolic at best.

“People have been waiting for up to 45 minutes at Chalkwell to get a ticket.”

Castle Point MP Rebecca Harris said she had discussed the changes with the company.

She said: “I have heard complaints about the new system causing queues at ticket offices at other stations on the line where it has already been put in place.

“I spoke to c2c on Tuesday and urged them to put measures in place to keep any delays to a minimum. They told me they would put extra staff in place to help prevent queues, but advised those who are planning on buying a ticket to travel to allow extra time just in case.”

A spokesman for c2c said: “We have introduced a new ticketing system across our route and additional staff and extra resources have being implemented to assist our passengers at stations where the new system is being rolled out.

“The ticket offices are open as usual for customers to purchase tickets and they can also buy these online to beat the queues at our busiest stations.

“If customers use a c2c Smartcard they can buy in advance and collect their ticket simply by tapping on the gates as they walk through.”