A CHARITY launched in memory of a beloved mother will host its first heart screening tomorrow after raising £20,000 in six months.

The Carli Lansley Memorial Fund was set up in February last year in memory of mum Carli, who died from sudden arrhythmic death syndrome in June 2017, aged 36.

Tomorrow, the charity will host its first ECG heart screening at Roots Hall for 100 young people aged from 14 to 35, after Karl Lansley, 47, Carli’s husband, managed to raise £20,000 within six months.

The electrocardiography screenings detect electrical activity in the heart which can help prevent heart attacks in later life.

Mr Lansley, of Shephard Close, Eastwood, said: “It’s just got bigger and bigger and bigger.

“I now work from home, so have been able to dedicated more time to the charity. We’ve had many successful events over the last few months.

“Most recently, we had 14 of us complete the Southend Half Marathon including myself, and I’ve never run long distance before.”

He added: “We managed to raise £8,000. Since starting the charity last year we’ve raised just over £40,000.”

The ECG screening this weekend has been fully booked up, with one at the Leigh Community Centre in October, and four lined up for next year.

Each one costs £5,000 to run by the charity Cardiac Risk In The Young (CRY), which the memorial fund is also a part of.

When Carli died, she left behind her husband and two children, Jessica and Ethan.

Mr Lansley added: “It’s really great that we’ve had so many people get on board with it, people just think the same way as us that it’s important to young people.

“Through the next five screenings a total of 600 young people will be checked, and we’re in the process of booking our seventh screening.

“It’s just taken off and continues to get bigger.

“We’re looking forward to the screening and to where we can go in the future.”

For information about the charity, visit www.carlilansleyfoundation.org.uk.