A BRAWL broke out in a popular restaurant as families enjoyed a Father’s Day meal.

Witnesses said the fight was sparked after a disagreement at Toby Carvery, at Festival Leisure Park, in Basildon, and led to a knife being brandished as the fracas made its way outside.

Police were called to the scene but no arrests have been made.

One witness described the melee as “an argument which turned disgusting.”

One eyewitness, from Southend, who asked to remain anonymous, was sitting nearby as the fight unfolded.

She told the Echo: “A man was punched by a lady; he had no idea what was going on.

“Apparently he bumped into her, but that isn’t a reason to punch someone.

“Her partner then joined in on the act by hitting the poor bloke.

“They were told to leave but she came back in with her young boy and made out he needed to go to the loo, but she just came in and punched him again.

“The young man who was punched went outside and they were all arguing.

“One of the men got a weapon out of the car; it looked like a knife.”

The woman added everyone inside the restaurant was shocked and disgusted at what was happening.

She added: “She wasn’t acting like a lady. I hope she’s ashamed of herself as she had her little boy with her.

“I hope she thinks twice about hitting an innocent man next time.”

Several eyewitnesses posted their accounts of what happened on social media, with one stating how the woman carried on punching the victim with her son standing right beside her.

The post read: “It’s a disgrace and in front of families celebrating Father’s Day with a lot of young kids about.

“It’s parents like that who’s kids turn into trouble.”

Another posted: “Absolutely disgusting behaviour. It saddens me that Basildon has got to this point.

“People have no respect for anyone else around here.”

Essex Police confirmed they were called to the restaurant and urged anyone with information to call 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

A spokesperson from Toby Carvery Basildon, said: “Following an altercation on the afternoon of Sunday, June 16, police were called to the restaurant.”

He added: “However those involved had left by the time they arrived.”