Today is national refill day.

And people up and down the country are being asked if they have #GotTheBottle to prevent plastic pollution.

National Refill Day is an awareness campaign to get the UK public to stop bottling it when it comes to drinking water.

The team at the Refill Campaign want to create a new social norm for refilling on the go – saving money, keeping hydrated and preventing millions of single-use plastic bottles at source.

Over the last 15 years, the consumption of bottled water has doubled in the UK.

According to the campaign of the 13 billion plastic bottles used each year – an estimated 7.7 billion, or nearly 60 per cent are plastic water bottles.

It is thought almost half of these bottles are not recycled.

Refill says if just 1 in 10 Brits refilled once a week, we’d save around 340 million plastic bottles a year.

How do I get involved and where can I get free water?

The campaign is urging people to get a reusable water bottle instead of buying single use plastic options.

They can then download the Refill App and find out where they can refill their bottle on the go.

What other single-use plastics can I address now?

The war on plastic is about so much more than just water bottles.

And the Refill campaign says there are a few things you can do to reduce your plastic usage whether you are a business or a member of the public.

Cling film – Start using reusable, sealable boxes instead of clingfilm. You probably have plenty of containers that you can use but may need to invest in some for cakes and other things that need to be flat

Straws – If you are a business stop serving these, makes them optional or go reusable

Plastic glasses – If you serve water, beer or spirits and you have to use plastics for health and safety go to reusable plastic or metal glasses. Even if you are recycling your disposable ones, more resources are being produced to keep up with the demand for more single-use items.