RESIDENTS are demanding answers over a serious gas stench which is sweeping across the island.

The Environment Agency, Health and Safety Executive, Calor Gas and Castle Point Council have all investigated the issue but each say it is not their responsibility.

However, the Environment Agency and Health and Safety Executive are “looking into” the issue.

Residents say they feel like they have been left to fend for themselves.

It comes after residents made multiple reports of being forced to close windows and doors due to the strong gas smell sweeping a number of roads, including Hilton Road, Long Road, Willow Close and East Crescent.

Families say enough is enough and do not feel protected by the agencies, that they say should be taking more responsibility.

Maggie Brockett, 77, of Hilton Road, Canvey said: “I think this has become so unacceptable now.

“What is going on and why is nobody dealing with it?

“All everyone is talking is about is what if there is an explosion or even worse.

“There is a lot of serious fear about what is happening.”

Ben Green, 44, of Long Road, Canvey, added: “There is no reason for this to be on going.

“We all deserve so much better.”

Dave Blackwell, Canvey Independent councillor said authorities are shirking their responsibilities.

He said: “Someone should be making an announcement to stop the fears.”

An HSE spokesman said: “We are aware of the situation and are making initial enquiries.”

A spokesman for the Environment Agency said: “Our officers have checked the sites we regulate on Canvey including the gas storage facility and no issues have been identified.

“We are liaising with the council as we work together to identify the cause of the odour.”

The agency was unavailable to outline exact checks have been undertaken.

Calor Gas previously confirmed the site in Thames Road is not causing the issue, so residents are left without an answer.

Castle Point Council previously said: “Complaints regarding the smell on Monday night have been investigated and residents have be advised.” A report is being compiled.

“A report is being made to the HSE and the Environment Agency.”