A SCHOOL classroom was temporarily evacuated over the ongoing gas stench saga on Canvey Island.

The youngsters at Castle View School, in Foksville Road, Canvey were removed from a lesson on Thursday while staff took precautions to look after the students.

A number of parents reported the incident on social media.

It is understood some students felt unwell due to the smell.

The ongoing saga has baffled Canvey residents while councillors and authorities have been accused of washing their hands of the issue.

Mum Rebecca Green, of Long Road, Canvey said: “My son was taken from his class because of the smell.

“It is good the school stepped in quickly but we do need something sorted about this soon.”

The 33-year-old added: “My son said it was a very nasty smell and everyone in the school was talking about it.”

Alan Mechem, spokesman from Castle View School, said: “Just as our community has reported over the recent week, we as a school have also been aware of a strange smell across the island. When the smell was strongest at the high street end of the school, students were removed from their maths room whilst caretakers came in to shut the windows.

“The students were then returned to their classroom immediately.

“Should there have been a concern we would have been notified, as would other businesses, by the appropriate authorities.”

Residents have been demanding answers over the serious gas stench which is sweeping across the island.

The Environment Agency, Health and Safety Executive, Calor Gas and Castle Point Council have all investigated the issue but each say it is not their responsibility.

However, the Environment Agency and Health and Safety Executive are “looking into” the issue.

Residents say they feel like they have been left to fend for themselves.

Residents made reports of being forced to close windows and doors due to the smell sweeping over roads, including Hilton Road and Long Road.