A HOSPITAL has been praised after diagnosing a man’s testicular tumour and removing it within just 12 hours.

Hospital guidelines make it clear testicular tumours must be treated within 31 days but Basildon Hospital went above and beyond for James Brooker.

Mr Brooker, 43, of Stanford-le-Hope went to the hospital for a scan – which quickly suggested something worrying was going on.

An appointment with consultant urologist Ramachandran Ravi saw Mr Brooker diagnosed with a testicular tumour that afternoon.

It was quickly decided that Mr Brooker needed to have surgery as soon as possible, and it was agreed he could have go under the knife the next morning.

Just 12 hours after being told of the diagnosis, Mr Brooker was back at Basildon for his surgery at 6am the following morning before the regular emergency theatre list began.

Mr Brooker said: “The surgery was successful and the response time was fantastic.

“It’s great to see a whole team coming together and responding to cases like mine so quickly. I’m now on the road to recovery thanks to this treatment.”

Mr Ravi admitted he had to pull a few strings to get Mr Brooker into surgery so quickly, but said there was a huge benefit to having it done swiftly.

He added: “All patients with testicular tumour have to be treated within 31 days.

“The following Monday was a Bank Holiday with no regular list booked in, so I added him as an extra patient on the night emergency list to be done early in the morning and spoke to the operating team.

“We decided to utilise the emergency theatre and add him before the regular theatre list first thing in the morning. The team agreed to come in at 6am and everything worked like clockwork. We completed the case before the emergency theatre list was scheduled to start. Mr Brooker benefitted hugely by having his treatment done expeditiously.”