A YOUNG boy, whose cancer is so rare it hasn’t been named, will appear on an ITV show with Paul O’Grady in August.

Connor Wright, 12, from Basildon, was first diagnosed with cancer in February 2016, after experiencing discomfort in his stomach, in which doctors originally suspected was appendicitis.

Doctors soon discovered this wasn’t the case, after finding cancerous nodules in the lining of his stomach. Connor lost two litres of blood and was put into an induced coma, before being rushed to Great Ormond Street in London.

The family were told his cancer was stage four, which has now spread from his abdomen and liver to the right portion of his lungs.

His mum, Helen Wright, from Basildon, explained how the news deeply affected the entire family, including her other children Molly, who is 20, and Ben who is 22.

Helen said: “You can’t even imagine the pain which Connor and our family has been through, this completely changed all of our lives straight from diagnosis.

“As a mother, you never think you will hear the words ‘your child has got cancer’, until you do. We never suspected anything, before this he wasn’t a sick child at all. A weekend of tummy pain ended up turning into the unimaginable.

“Connor has had radiotherapy and over 30 cycles of chemotherapy in the last three and a half years to try and fight this. It hasn’t worked.

“Sadly, he has lost his hair numerous times as a result, he can’t go to school full time, he’s tired, nauseous and has weak leg muscles, so when we go out for the day we have to take a wheelchair for him.

“The fact he’s still fighting this shows his strength, he’s our hero without a doubt.”

Connor, who has just started home tuition, will appear in the ITV show Paul O’Grady’s Little Heroes in August, thanks to staff from Great Ormond Street, who put forward Connor to take part whilst he was receiving treatment there.

The 47 year old continued: “Connor is their superstar, we all really built a relationship with the play team and nurses. When Paul came to film, they suggested Connor should take part and that’s how this came about.

“It’s so lovely for him that he will be on the show, even though it will only be a small feature it really lifted his spirits. He had had surgery that week when filming took place, having his chest drained.

“Paul really was interested in Connor and I think he was in awe of what all the patients who were taking part have been through.

“Although Connor’s poorly on the inside, outside he’s so amazingly positive which rubs off on us.

“Currently he’s having oral chemotherapy, but we know this is just keeping the cancer at bay- we want a cure.”

After being told that doctors can do nothing further for him, the family are trying to raise £200,000 to pay for life saving treatment abroad.

Helen added: “Trials, treatment, we want to do whatever we possibly can to help him. Connor has told us he wants to live so we are fighting to make that happen.

“We won’t give up on him.”

To donate, please visit www.gofundme.com/k8eaq-team-connor.