A WOMAN has hit out after delays meant she could not get an appointment at Basildon Hospital for NINE months. 

Carol Bootle has endured severe abdominal pain since December and the hospital have rescheduled her appointment with a specialist five times.

Her first appointment was meant to be in April but that was delayed until July.

Further delays mean she cannot be seen by a consultant until October.

The 64-year-old, from Pitsea, told the Echo about her severe pain and blasted the “ridiculous” amount of time she will have to wait for another appointment.

She said: “I can’t walk anywhere. I’m bent over double most of the day.

“I’m in absolute agony. I can’t make my own dinner or do my own shopping.

“It’s been unbearable for too long now. I’m relying on my husband to do everything for me.”

She slammed the hospital for the repeated cancellations and rescheduling she has endured, adding: “It’s ridiculous the amount of time I’ve had to wait.

“They’re so unreasonable and unhelpful. They don’t even look at my letters from my GP which I take to them every time I complain.

“They don’t want anything to do with it [and] the receptionists don’t seem to know why they’ve been rescheduled so many times.

“I can’t afford to go private so I just have to sit and wait.

“I’ve been to A&E so many times about it, but they just fob me off with antibiotics, which don’t even work half the time.”

Irate Mrs Bootle added: “I’m classed as disabled due to my bowel problems.

“This has nothing to do with my bowel issues, but that’s the excuse they use every time when they force me out the door.

She added: “I’m getting more and more depressed.

“I had a terrible Christmas, I thought the pain would be sorted but the whole year has been terrible.

“I can’t visit my elderly mother who is in a home.

“I’m at my wits end.

“I seriously don’t think I can manage with the pain much longer.”

Basildon hospital have been contacted for a comment but no response was received by the time the Echo went to press.