AN Only Fools and Horses superfan has forked out thousands of pounds to get his favourite characters mange-tattooed on his back.

Dean Paine told the Echo of his love for the iconic TV show and how he decided to spend £3,000 the body art.


Progress - three months into his Dean's project


Big day - Dean with the iconic car on his wedding day


He said: “The £3,000 is the total sum of all of them put together.

“I started in November 2018, and the final one was only a few weeks ago.

“The first one was for my 30th birthday and I only did it for a laugh really.

“I didn’t think I would get all of them on my back.”

The 31-year-old chef from Wickford added: “I’ve been a fan of the show since I was seven or eight.

“It started from me getting some videos of the show, and then I was addicted.

“Every Christmas and birthday I asked for videos of them, I loved it so much.

“My family don’t exactly love them as much as I do, but my mum and dad hired me the car for my wedding day.

“They watch it through gritted teeth when it’s on.”

Dean also spoke of how he has been lucky enough to meet most of the prominent cast members, which feature on his back:

“I love them all.

“I couldn’t say who was my favourite, they’re all amazing.

“If you took one out, the show wouldn’t be the same.

“I met David Jason at a book signing, he was my first.

“The rest were at Only Fools and Horses conventions.

“I travel with my family all around the country to go and see them; we’ve been to Kent, Wales and Scotland.”

He first shared his tattoos on Facebook and he was shocked at how people reacted. He has since appearing on ITV’s This Morning.

Dave - sorry, Dean - said: “It’s totally blown up. I was so surprised with how people commented.

“I’ve never been on TV before, I was so nervous.”

He posted on social media yesterday afternoon: “What a morning!

“Been in all the newspapers and even live on this morning.

“What am I doing with my life?”