A MOTORIST caught driving without insurance and a licence gave fake details of a close family friend to cover his tracks.

Munashe Chizema, 22, of Brownlow Bend, Basildon was stopped by officers on Canvey on September 14 last year.

He was later arrested after his family friend denied being the driver, having sent letters about the offences.

Chizema appeared for sentencing at Basildon Crown Court yesterday.

Charlotte Davison, prosecuting, said: “He tried to get away from officers and was very cagey when approached, giving the wrong identity.

“He told officers he was a mechanic and covered by his firm’s insurance.

“The information showed the identity of the man used was registered to a van in Tilbury.

“The picture was old and the officer accepted this was Chizema’s identity.

“Two months later authorities found out it was the identity of a close friend almost like a cousin or brother of Chizema.

“When he realised what happened he said he knew who it was and he did not give permission for his identity to be used.

“The victim suffered a great deal of stress and had to take time from his studies.”

Lawrence Henderson, mitigating, said: “He feared being fully truthful with police would result in being unable to continue his employment, providing for his partner and her child.

“Immediate custody would wreak havoc for him and his family.”

Sentencing Chizema, Judge John Lodge said: “The justice system requires people to say who they are.

“I will give you 24 weeks in prison suspended for 18 months.

“You must complete 100 hours of unpaid work and you will have an electronic curfew between 9pm and 6am.

“You will get six points on your licence and pay prosecution costs of £250. If you commit any further offences your 24 week sentence will start or if you fail to comply with the orders there’s a chance the sentence will start.” The points will continue onto a licence should Chizema achieve one.