HEARTLESS “monsters” have stolen mementoes from a baby’s grave causing her mother to suffer a breakdown.

The callous thieves have swiped various items from the grave of Courtney O’Shea’s daughter who died 31 years ago due to cot death.

The mum said Sutton Road Cemetery, Southend is refusing to act over the thefts.

Miss O’Shea, 53, of Newington Avenue, Southchurch said: “I’m considering taking my daughter from the site and have her cremated and keeping her at home.

“My daughter, Kayleigh Simpkins, was three-months-old when she died.

“I found out in January fencing I put around her grave had been taken.

“Then, last week, toys, statues and vases were stolen.

“The staff keep saying there’s nothing they can do about it.

“I am so annoyed as I’ve spent more than £1,500 on her grave, I don’t want it to look like nobody cares about her grave.

“I am on disability allowance and can’t afford to keep redoing the grave for these monsters to take from.

“It’s having quite a bad affect on me and my life.

“I have bipolar and other conditions and this is making me feel very depressed.

“I have been self harming again because of all the stress this is causing.”

She said she feels the fees she had paid for her daughter’s plot should cover this sort of issue.

She said the cemetery is not prepared to do anything on the problem at all.

She said: “If they cannot look after her, I want her home.

“The staff told me I cannot do this but a friend of mine said that I will be able to.”

A spokesman for Southend Council: said: “We take reports of thefts very seriously and will always follow up any complaints accordingly.

“We are sorry to hear of this incident and will support the resident anyway we can.

“We appreciate the sensitivity surrounding this, and if anyone notices anything has been stolen from a loved ones grave to inform a member of staff in the Cemetery office immediately or to e-mail placecomplaints@southend.gov.uk.”