SHOCKING footage has emerged of reckless intruders “surfing” lifts in Southend, risking their safety.

The film, which has been shared on Youtube, describes itself as a “lift surfing adventure in Southend” and shows the film-maker on top of some of the borough’s most iconic locations and standing on top while they are moving.


On camera - the YouTube synopsis describes the footage as a 'lift surfing adventure in Southend'


Southend Council says it will seek legal advice from the police and plans to step up security at the sites which were targeted by the “urban explorers”.

In the video, the man called Jordan, who uses the alias “BefaceComputing”, tells viewers he selected the glass lifts near the pier entrance so that “everyone can see them surfing”.

The footage then shows two men riding on top of the lift while it travels to the walkway at the top of Pier Hill.

While riding on top of the lift, Jordan sings loudly “so everyone knows he’s surfing the lift”.

The video then shows the crew heading to the Cliff Lift where a man who calls himself Beno tells viewers he joined Jordan and climbed on the funicular tracks of the lift.

He said: “I heard the funicular doors open. A member of staff had turned up an hour and half before opening time and was about to move the lift.

“That is so b****y dangerous and so scary. I didn’t know what to do and climbed down the track as fast as I could.”

The footage shows the duo head to the Royals where they discuss the now defunct hydraulic lifts which are no longer used.

The men then head to an unnamed hotel where, again, they climb on top of the lift before heading to an empty building site where they gain entry and walk around.

The footage has caused outrage over the disregard for safety.

One man, who lives in Southend and has asked not to be named, said: “They have hundreds of videos with all this activity.

“They are proud of it and until the law changes these channels are influencing others.

“This has been going on for about five years now with hundreds of other similar videos showing surfing on top of lifts.

“They have also filmed themselves climbing scaffolding and cranes, tampering with lift control equipment, releasing lift brakes, changing lift controller settings including motor speeds, trespassing, hanging off the back of buses, train surfing and disrespecting persons of authority that try to stop him.

“They think they are untouchable and continue to profit with these videos. Something needs to be done.”

A council spokesman said officials are looking at how the perpetrators carried out their actions.

He added: “We have seen footage of people climbing on top of some lifts in Southend.

“We completely condemn this dangerous and irresponsible behaviour and we are liaising with our town centre security teams who control some of these sites to determine how and where they are gaining access and what we can do to prevent it.

“The perpetrators have trespassed on private and council property and as such we will be seeking advice from Essex Police to decide on the appropriate action.”