MP Mark Francois has pledged his support for the introduction of CCTV across Rayleigh.

The town has been plagued by yobs’ antisocial behaviour for months, prompting residents’ calls for urgent action.

Police chiefs, councillors and residents have since met to speak on the issue and now Mr Francois, MP for Rayleigh and Wickford, has given new CCTV calls his backing.

It comes after he met with Rochford district councillor Mike Wilkinson and Gareth James, head of the Rayleigh residents association.

The MP told the Echo: “It was a really positive meeting. It was really constructive.

“Mike came with lots of good ideas for introducing CCTV in Rayleigh and across the borough.

“They strike me as really good ideas.

“I’m certainly in favour of CCTV.

“Before it gets the all clear, we all need to figure out what the costs will be for the residents.

“I’ve made a recommendation to Rochford District Council about setting up a working group to discuss CCTV specifically.”

Mr Francois also said he has been working on the issue behind the scenes and has met with district commander, Glen Westley.

He added: “I’ve also written to the courts to try and get these yobs punished.

“I trust in Glen Westley to get the job done.”

Mr James added: “He’s really supportive into looking further at CCTV in the town.

“It was a really positive meeting. It’s the outcome we wanted.

“He’s been meeting with people high up in the police, which is good news.

“We’re not getting our hopes up too soon though.

“I hope doesn’t end here, Mike’s ideas about a working group at Rochford District Council are really good.

“We’ve been banging on about this for months and months but the council haven’t done anything.

“We’re paying more tax but aren’t getting anything back.”

Mark Francois recently held talks Mr Mike Wilkinson, councillor for Rochford district council, and Gareth James, the head of the Rayleigh residents association, in which he gave both his support for the technology.