A MUM who almost died from a deadly virus after giving birth at Southend Hospital has spoken of her near-death experience.

It has also been confirmed Sarah Phillips was not suffering from the same strain of the streptococcal infection which killed 13 people in mid Essex.

Southend Hospital said the case was not part of the outbreak.

However, married mother-of-three Mrs Phillips, who gave birth at the hospital’s maternity ward last month, told how she nearly died.

She said: “It’s probably one of the most traumatic experiences I have had because they kept telling me I shouldn’t have been able to walk into the hospital. If I had stayed at home another night I wouldn’t have woken up. It’s quite hard to hear that.”

Husband Daniel added: “The hospital said it would be just routine. Like most women do she passed blood after giving birth. The next minute all hell broke loose. To be told my wife shouldn’t be here – three motherless children – was a hard thing to take, being a dad.”

Mrs Phillips contracted a potentially deadly streptococcal infection before giving birth.

At the same time news was emerging of deadly outbreaks in mid Essex with 34 cases reported - and 13 fatalities.

Denise Townsend, director of nursing at Southend Hospital, said: “The case that affected a patient in Southend Hospital is not part of the current outbreak within mid Essex which is mainly affecting elderly patients.

"It is also a different strain to the case reported at Southend in February.

"The patient, who was looked after in a side room, made a full recovery.

"This room was deep cleaned and is back in use, at no time was the ward closed, at no time were other patients at risk.”