A TAXI driver picked up an extra passenger after a baby was born in the back of his cab.

Ans Shikder was called to deliver a couple to Basildon Hospital and ended up helping to deliver a baby instead.

The Mayflower Taxis driver picked up the fare with a difference on Thursday.

He told the Echo: “The lady and her husband were really grateful.

“She was in quite a lot of pain.

“We were still miles from the hospital when he shouted that the baby was coming.

“I was quite shocked.

“I called 999 straightaway.

“The lady on the phone was really nice but I didn’t even speak to her much before the baby had come out.

“I was even more shocked at that point.

“The ambulances turned up really quickly, within five minutes actually.

“I took a back seat and let them do their work.”

Mr Shikder was back in contact with the family with a congratulatory message sent the next day.

He said: “I sent them a text this morning, just to say how happy I was for them.

“Everything was alright in the end.

“All my colleagues were really proud when they found out.

“I’ve been getting a lot of well done messages.”

Mr Shikder said it was one of the more unusual journeys for a taxi driver.

He joked: “They didn’t pay my fare.

““I will be asking them to pay my valet bill though.

“It was a really nice experience.

“I’m so glad I could help.”

His call handler also joined in the congratulations.

His colleague, on social media, stated: “Well that’s a first for me, a baby boy being born in a taxi while I’m on shift.

“Well done to Mayflower taxi’s new midwife Ans.

“A healthy baby boy delivered in the back of his taxi on Noak hill Road.”

She also told the Echo: “I love working with him and this was a great way to brighten up the night shift.”

It is understood mother and baby are doing well however the family decided not to release any information or pictures about the new arrival after his unusual start to life in the back of the cab.