THESE old photos and drawings of Southend seafront have resurfaced.

Uncovered from our archives, they mostly show the iconic pier at different stages of its life.

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We can also catch a glimpse of what the seafront was like before the titanic landmark was built in 1830 thanks to a drawing by a famous British artist.

One of the photographs shows a grand promenade on the pier as dignitaries donned their finest clothes and walked to celebrate an important say in Southend’s history. It was ‘charter day’ 1892 and marked the day that Southend was recognised as an authority in its own right.


The Echo told recently how a £480,000 brand new entrance at the pier has been unveiled.

The makeover which aims to improve the experience of visiting the attraction for wheelchair users, includes a new reception area, toilets and a cafe.

But the pier has had a number of different looking entrances over the decades as some of these images show.

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