CONCERNED residents and a headteacher are campaigning for a permanent school crossing after serious fears were raised about road safety.

Dad-of-two, Chris Lane, 44, of London Road, Wickford says if something is not done soon there could be a serious crash involving a child.

Terry Flitman, headteacher of Wickford Primary School, Market Road, Wickford, has also raised concerns about the speed and parking in London Road.

There is currently a temporary school crossing patrol officer but the parent and headteacher say a permanent crossing is a must.

Mr Lane said: “There have been about four crashes within three years. I have two children at the school and I am worried about my children crossing the road.

“It is a dangerous corner and there is a lot of concern in the community about this.

“Some cars do often speed along the road and there are also issues with parking.

“I have contacted the council and they said it does not meet the threshold for the number of crashes and if it was five or more the council would act.”

Other residents also raised concerns.

Barbara Cox, 70, of London Road, Wickford said: “I am a grandmother of children at the school and the road is so dangerous.

“Something needs to be done very soon.

“I don’t understand why it’s taken so long.”

Terry Flitman, headteacher at Wickford Primary School said: “It has been an ongoing saga for some time now.

“It has been a worry for some time and the resident has been pushing for this.

“I do think the council needs to take another look at this.

“It is a constant worry and there is an inherent danger there.

“I do really hope there is not a crash soon involving a school child.

“We have previously written to parents to ask them to be more diligent.”

A spokesman for Essex County Council, said: “The site on London Road is currently being covered by a mobile school crossing patrol officer and we are aware of efforts by the headteacher at Wickford Primary School to recruit a permanent patrol for the area.”