A VIOLENT thug has been locked up “before he kills someone” after he slashed a teenager with a cut throat razor in Southend.

Ryan Tudor, 26, of Kilworth Avenue, was jailed for 17 years yesterday as judge Christopher Morgan stated he was a genuine danger to the public.

Judge Morgan said Tudor’s threat came from his lack of emotion and inability to control his anger as it was revealed Tudor had been involved in violent crime for a decade.

At Chelmsford Crown Court, Judge Morgan told him: “You are, despite the time you have spent in custody, a very dangerous individual, if released into the community you pose a significant risk, you have the potential, I have little doubt, to kill someone in the future.”

“I read the original pre-sentence report when another judge imposed the imprisonment for public protection in 2009, the report made very grim reading. It identified in an early stage of your life, when you were still a teenager, that you are a dangerous individual.

“It seems your danger stems from your lack of emotion, your lack of thought for consequences and being unable to control your anger, whatever the source of that is.

“From what I have read, including your history of offending which includes the possession and use of knives, and the use of force in robbery, reinforces the conclusion in 2009 and I echo that now.”

Tudor admitted robbery, wounding with intent to cause GBH and possession of an offensive weapon.

He initially denied using a weapon, but admitted it during a trial last week before being sentenced yesterday.

Tudor had previously been jailed for his involvement in robberies, possession of an offensive weapon, and wounding with intent, in relation to incidents in 2009 when he was still a teenager.

He was only released in April, months before committing more crimes.

The previous convictions were deemed a significant aggravating factor in his sentencing, leading judge Morgan to state Tudor had the potential to murder.

In mitigation John Caudle insisted Tudor had attempted to rehabilitate himself, including initially finding work, as well as pointing towards the trauma caused by finding his mother after she killed herself.

On September 19, at 1.15am in Sutton Road, Tudor waited for a man to withdraw money from a cashpoint before punching him in the face repeatedly.

The victim was grabbed from behind and Tudor threatened to stab him before taking the £20 and bank card. Days later Tudor attacked a teenager with a razor outside a block of flats in London Road.

The victim suffered severe cuts to his head and body.

Tudor was initially stopped by a good samaritan, but when he was approached to police, who told him to drop the weapon, he threw it onto a nearby roof and was subsequently Tasered.