A BEWILDERED couple say they are being plagued by flying headless fish after finding grisly remains in their garden.

Pauline Wood was shocked to discover a decapitated dab under a fir tree hedge in the front garden of her home in Goldhanger Road, Heybridge.

Just days later she found a fishtail on the path outside the back door.

And it’s not the first time Pauline and hubby Raymond have witnessed bizarre UFOs – unidentified fishy objects.

Pauline said: “Last year in the paddocks next door to us they found all different sorts of headless dead fish in the grass.

“The lady there asked if we had found any fish in our garden.

“I said no, but the week afterwards I found two eels with no heads in my garden.

“This year I found a dab in my garden and then just a fishtail outside the backdoor.

“There have been two so far this year but last year there must have been six or seven eels with no heads.

“It’s a total mystery.

“I live right near the Basin at the top of Basin Road.

“Are these fish flying here from Basin Lock, or are they some sort of gift from the birds that we feed?”

One theory is the unlucky fish have fallen prey to predators and then mysteriously been dumped.

But Pauline said: “If it was a wild animal, wouldn’t it eat the whole thing - not just the head?

“I just can’t understand where they are coming from.

“It only seems to be on this side of the road and our garden backs on to the coast path.”

She added: “Last week’s fish was quite large.

“It would have gone across a dinner plate – if it had still had its head.

“It’s like a Biblical plague – of the headless flying fish!”