A FAMILY of six are taking legal action after their planned £6,800 dream holiday turned “into hell”.

The Basildon family had booked a ten-day holiday at a “dream holiday village”, but were met with a “half-built hotel, stench of sewage and construction workers around every corner”.


Unfinished - outside the hotel


Dining - only one restaurant was actually open... offering this

Joanne Humphreys, 53, and her husband, Kevin, 46, spent £6,800 on a ten-night holiday at The Holiday Village Montenegro with their children, Louis, 21, and Beth, 14, and their godparent.

As well as an “unfinished hotel”the family claim there was one buffet open, compared to the four restaurants they were told would be available, claiming it sold “raw food” that made both Joanne and her daughter unwell.

While the bar allegedly only sold one cocktail, and Joanne, who is diabetic, was told there was no Diet Coke.

They had concerns when the hotel “appeared unfinished” when they arrived, and had previously raised concerns with Tui after seeing worrying reviews on social media.

The family had been wowed by artist’s impressions in the Basildon Tui branch, and were told the hotel would be completed in May 2018, ahead of their holiday on June 17.

Joanne said: “Our fears subsided until a couple of weeks before we were due to arrive, when I was informed that while the hotel would be completed, some of the facilities originally on offer were no longer going to be available such as the spa, hairdressers, the gym and the waterslides.

“This led me to look on social media. There was a Facebook page full of people complaining how bad it actually was and that the resort wasn’t anywhere near finished.

“People were cancelling their holidays left, right and centre.

“We made our way back to the TUI shop to bring this to their attention but they insisted everything was on schedule and it would be fine when we got there.”

The family claim when they arrived they were met with loud building noise and when they were taken to their room they were met with “half-complete stairs, loose paving slabs and dust everywhere”.

The family have instructed legal firm Bott and Co to claim compensation on their behalf.

A spokesman for Tui said: “We are very sorry to hear of Ms Humphreys and her family’s experience in Montenegro.

“As this is now a legal matter, it would be inappropriate to comment further.”