An ambulance crew treating an 89-year-old woman for a suspected heart attack were abused by a motorist – for blocking her car in.

The un-named motorist “was screaming and shouting” at paramedics as they treated the elderly woman inside and banged on the side of their vehicle.

Grand-daughter Kerry Davis, 39, who asked for her grandmother not to be named, said the woman was so aggressive and banged on the ambulance with her keys as paramedics were treating her.

She said the incident happened after her gran collapsed in her arms in the Marks and Spencer store last Wednesday at Basildon’s Mayflower Retail Park.

The mum-of-five said: “My nan started to collapse in my arms. I literally thought she was dying.

“When the ambulance arrived they said this was really serious, she could see all of this.

“But at the same time, this woman was putting her shopping into her car, and she was like are they going to move?

“But everyone said ‘we can’t obviously tell you how long we are going to be’. And then the woman started screaming and shouting.

“She just kept shouting ‘I have got a friend in the car and she is diabetic!’ But it is not a case of life or death, what do you do when you are sitting in traffic?

“She was banging on the ambulance, and she was screaming. She was banging her keys on the ambulance door, she was going crazy. ”

Kerry said her gran suffers from an irregular heartbeat which is what caused her to collapse while shopping.

Kerry, who was also with her 62-year-old dad at the time, said her gran was taken from the shop and in to the ambulance to have an ECG – an electrocardiogram.

ECG is a test which measures the electrical activity of your heart to show whether or not it is working normally.

She claimed the aggressive motorist then started to point her finger in her dad’s face while shouting at him too.

Kerry said: “I said to her my nan was unconscious.

“The ambulance team took my nan out to the ambulance and did all of her vitals because they obviously thought it was serious.

“When my nan collapsed I seriously thought she was going to die.

“It was awful. The woman got right in my dad’s face pointing her fat finger in his face. The ambulance driver hurried my dad inside the ambulance, lucky really, he would of bit her finger off.”

Kerry claims the woman didn’t have to wait that long to get out.

She added: “If that happened to me, I would wait.

“You don’t know what is happening in the ambulance, everyone would understand.

“It is awful and disgusting. Some lovely people helped me and the staff inside the store were amazing but there is always one prat.”