A PLAN to build 31 affordable homes could be abandoned after a group of councillors backed frustrated residents.

The proposals for the homes, in Lundy Close, near to Southend Airport, first emerged after a Southend Council land review found there was unused land which could accommodate homes.

But residents quickly raised objections and urged the council not to go ahead with the idea due to overdevelopment.

Their grievances were backed by Conservative ward councillors Mark Flewitt and Dave McGlone, who have now tabled a motion calling for any development in the area to be abandoned.

Mr Flewitt said they “passionately believe” the land around Lundy Close should not be used for housing.

He added: “The land near to the existing 70 to 80 properties is amenity space, to try and build 31 properties or any properties into that space is only going to escalate existing problems with parking.

“Housing has to be appropriate and not just built where there are gaps.

“I am hoping that this motion makes a point that just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

However, rival ward member, Labour’s Daniel Cowan, said he would not support the motion because it is based on “something that does not exist”.

He said: “The councillors are asking to abandon an intention which residents have opposed, but they are opposed to a 31-house development.

“I completely support objections to that many homes but while a site investigation found there was enough land for 31, a further review said that only around seven could be built.

“The council could change their policy to look to increase the size up to around 14 or 15 but it would not be more than that.

“This motion seems to stoke fear that something is going to happen despite nothing currently being planned. These councillors should know better.”

Lundy Close resident, Laura Newman, 32, said: “We first heard about this when the council posted a letter through the door of just one third of the residents.

“It said there would be 31 homes and that was followed by a consultation during which they showed us the proposed housing and asked us to fill in consultation forms.

“More than 100 people who live around here filled in those forms and returned them and that’s it. There has been no further communication.”

The motion will be discussed during Southend Council’s cabinet meeting in September.