A SCHOOL has voiced its opposition to a planned access road to a 600-home development over fears lives could be at risk.

Bloor homes is behind the planned new estate on land off Ashingdon Road and Oxford Road, Rochford.

However, access to the estate would be opposite Holt Farm infant and junior schools.

The developer also plans to widen the road at that point to allow right turns into the estate, but this would mean narrowing pavements outside the schools.

In a public statement signed by executive headteacher, Paul Hayman, the school said: “We understand the need for affordable local housing, and we were very pleased to hear about the positive ambitions for this site.

“However, as a school, we are deeply concerned about the impact this development could potentially have on our children and families as the main access point for this 600-home development is proposed as being directly opposite the school entrance.”

Mike Webb, Rochford district councillor for Hawkwell east ward, said: “The key concern is the access point opposite Holt Farm Infants School. I have three children there and I believe it’s an accident waiting to happen.

“That road is already dangerous putting the access point there is crazy. Why put it outside schools with 500 pupils and why narrow the pavement?”

The school also raised concerns related to the safety of children arriving and leaving the school in peak periods in Ashingdon Road – the only route through the town.

The school said it was also concerned increased pollution from more traffic and proposed road widening plans would lead to a loss of pavement, a dedicated footpath, a cycle path and an established tree outside the school.

The school statement adds: “The impact on our children’s safety and wellbeing as they come to school every day must not be overlooked at any point in the planning process.”

Bloor Homes was not available to comment.